Thursday, October 12, 2006

centex 05 2,49$ / 06 0,70$ eps down 72%!

so langsam werden die abschreibungen größer und größer. denke das dieses erst der anfang ist. lt. den ratingagenturen sind fast alle homebuilder auf junk oder im niedrigsten investmentgradebereich. denke das die wirklichkeit bald weitere abschreibungen und auch pleiten fordern wird. momentan können die builder immer noch auf banken und anleiheinvestoren setzen die sie weiterfinanzieren.

it looks like the write down etc are getting bigger and bigger. i´m sure that there is much more to come. i aslo think thet the ratingagencies (despite their junk or low investmentgraderatings) are behind the curve. but maybe the builders can count on more "easy" momney from the very liquid creditmarkets.
Net sales (orders) for the quarter were 6,828, a decrease of 28% from last year's second quarter. These results reflect current record levels of home sales contract cancellations (despite massive cancellations, trotz massiver vergünstigungen und rabatten)

the company expects option deposit and pre-acquisition walk-away costs to be in the $85 to $95 million range this quarter. Additionally, land valuation adjustments are expected to approximate $40 to $45 million, which includes the company's share of such amounts for a joint venture

As a result, the Company is revising its second quarter estimate of diluted earnings per share from continuing operations to a range of $0.65 to $0.75. (von 1,33$ und 2,49$ 2005)

diese news bedeutet heutzutage nicht das die aktie auch fällt.....gegenteil wahrscheinlich
this kind of "good" news maybe lead to a spike in the stock...... (sarcasm off)


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