Friday, September 15, 2006

sydney / bubble world tour

passend zum letzten bericht hier mehr anhaltspunkte das die party in sydney und damit auch in down under 2004/2005 den peak erreicht hat und nun katerstimmung herrscht. was das ganze umso bedrückender macht ist das jetzt rekorde bei zwangsvollstreckungen gebrochen werden die seinerzeit zinssätze von 15%-20% als grundlage hatten.

irgendetwas muß also verdammt schief gelaufen sein..........
dieses zitat/dieser bericht verdeutlicht das

Repossessions at all-time high

Sydneysiders are losing their homes at a record rate, forced out by crippling mortgage payments, exorbitant petrol prices and high personal debt.

In 2002 there were 2189 repossessions by banks and financial institutions following defaults by borrowers. But they now stand at 4873 - more than double the rate under Paul Keating's 17 per cent interest rate regime in 1990.

Mr Dimarco said the market had slumped by up to 25 per cent in some pockets of Sydney, which had added to the panic in the market.

People who had borrowed heavily to buy a $400,000 property just a few years ago wouldn't sell it now for much more than $300,000

There was no pattern to those defaulting on their loans. They were families, singles, investors and retirees

"I had one in Leichhardt that was bought in 2003 for $750,000, and it's just sold for $500,000," he said.

Another couple nearing retirement age used the equity in their Marrickville home to buy an investment unit, which had since plummeted in price.

He predicted things would get worse. "A lot of people are going broke."

rest der worldtour hier:



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