Thursday, September 14, 2006

spinning at its best / oil

ein beispiel mehr wie im zweifel an wall street immer alles positiv gesehen wird. gehört schließlich zu deren geschäft

"gute stimmung, happy times, better than expected, beat the concensus, buy the dips, healthy economy, soft landing, ........"

dank geht an barry ritholtz
mehr details / more details

hier mal die argumentation in sachen öl/energie.

• The Inflation ex inflation crowd is now saying dropping Oil prices lower inflation; On the way up, no inflation due to energy, but on the way down, whoopee! No more inflation! (core!)

• Rising Oil prices will not crimp consumers or retail, but dropping Oil prices are a huge plus for both;

• Increased energy consumption is a sign of global economic growth, but decreased prices will stimulate economic growth;

• Commodities were never in a major secular bull market -- which is now officially over.

eigentlich lustig wenn es nicht so traurig wäre. ähnliche beispiele könnte man für fast jede andere statistik die in den usa veröffentlich wird anfertigen.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello from the USA! Jmf, I see your comments on the blogs over here and I like them! You are a good guy, keep up the good work!

Take care!

7:45 AM  
Blogger jmf said...

danke / thanks


7:57 AM  

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