Thursday, September 14, 2006

foreclosure / zwangsversteigerungen palm beach

bin gespannt wie demnächst diese daten "kommentiert" werden. 50% steigerungen von zwangsvollstreckungen monat auf monat! sind selbst von den versiertesten wortverdrehern nur schwer zu beschönigen. aber warten mir mal ab......... bin bisher meistens überrascht worden.......

dank geht an pbcbubblewatcher und ben

County foreclosures quadruple U.S. rate

Foreclosure rates in Palm Beach County soared in August to more than four times the national rate — and rose a sobering 226 percent compared with the same month last year,

As the five-year housing boom winds down, that includes creeping mortgage costs, soaring insurance premiums, rising property taxes, stagnant home prices and a growing inventory of houses for sale.

Statewide, 16,533 homes entered some stage of foreclosure in August, more than any other state in the country and a jump of more than 50 percent over July

On a year-over-year basis, considered the most accurate comparison because it eliminates seasonal differences, the 16,533 foreclosures statewide in August represented a 62 percent increase over the previous August, when there were 10,175, the report shows.

In Palm Beach County, a total of 2,241 homes entered some stage of foreclosure in August, up from the 688 homes in the same month a year ago, or 226 percent, according to the report. That is one in every 248 homes in the county. Florida's rate is one foreclosure for every 442 households.

Wednesday's foreclosure report comes on the heels of one published report indicating that 24 percent of all purchase and refinance mortgages in Palm Beach County are "option ARMs," or option adjustable-rate mortgages

Also Wednesday, the delinquency rate for mortgage loans on one- to four-unit homes in Florida stood at 3.6 percent for the second quarter, the Mortgage Bankers Association said. Nationwide, the rate was 4.4 percent, down 2 basis points from the first quarter and up 5 basis points from a year ago. The August numbers, which aren't included, will be reflected in MBA's third quarter report. siehe auch



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