Thursday, September 14, 2006

american express / condo downpayment

eines muß man den amerikaner lassen. wenn es um finanzinnovationen aller art geht sind sie unangefochtene weltklasse. das gilt besonders in der disziplin " wie verleite ich leute dazu mehr schulden zu machen" .

neueste kreation ist das amex jetzt die karte auch zum anzahlungen von immobilien und hier spezeill conods freischaltet. davon abgesehen das es sowieso aus der mode gekommen ist große anzahlungen zu leisten frage ich mich was die belastung auf ner kreditkarte mit ner anzahlung im eigentlichen sinne zu tun hat.

im optimalen fall wird dieses programm wirklich nur zum sammels von punkten benutzt.
aufgrund des brutalen wettbewerbs in den usa werden sicher bald andere kartenemitenten nachziehen.

bin gespannt was als nächstes ausgetüftelt wird........

AmEx Makes Room on Its CardsFor Down Payments on condos


Coming up with the money for a down payment on a new condominium may soon be as easy as charging it: American Express Co. is expected to announce today that it will allow some customers to use its cards to make condominium down payments.

For condo buyers, the deal will allow them to earn reward points or frequent-flier miles on big transactions, while extending the amount of time they have to meet the down-payment requirements and eliminating the hassle of getting certified checks

For now, the service appears to be limited to a select few: luxury-condo buyers in Manhattan. American Express is rolling out the program with New York real-estate firm Moinian Group, for one of its properties currently under construction -- the Atelier condominium in Midtown Manhattan

AmEx charge cards -- Green, Gold, Platinum, and Centurion -- don't have preset spending limits, cardholders will be able to charge the large amounts required for down payments.

Siva Tayi, a potential Manhattan condo buyer from Houston, plans to charge the 10% down payment on a $1.2 million two-bedroom unit in Moinian's Atelier condo on his Platinum card. Not only does it eliminate the hassle of writing a check or having to wire money, he says,

The firm currently works with over a dozen property-management companies in 34 states to allow their tenants to pay rent with an AmEx card.

the move is part of the company's efforts to expand the ways its clients can use its cards.

About 15% of the rental apartments in the U.S. accept credit-card payments



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