Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Speaking Of A Money Illusion........

As assumed last Friday the Dow finally hit 10 K. After looking at the chart you probably know why i prefer gold....... I think a few years from now this ratio will be even more favourable.....Wouldn´t surprise me if we see similar ratios like in 1980 . The same is true when you price the S&P 500 in Gold .....

Wie bereits letzten Freitag hat der Dow die 10 K geknackt. Habe das mal zum Anlaß genommen das Dow/Gold upzudaten. Unschwer zu erkennen warum ich seit langer Zeit Gold bevorzuge.... Meiner Meinung nach wird sich dieses Verhältnis zukünftig noch weiter zugunsten von Gold beschleunigen.... Ich würde selbst ein Verhältnis ähnlich dem Jahr 1980 für nicht "unwahrscheinlich" halten. Ähnlich verhält es sich wenn man den S&P 500 in Gold kalkuliert .....

Theodore Weisberg wears a had reading DOW 10,000 after the close of trading on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York.


And you thought you had broken even. If investors had bought gold when the Dow first closed above 10000 in March 1999, they'd be up almost 280%.

Put another way, Dow 10000 a decade ago "cost" 36 ounces of gold, treating each Dow point as $1.

When the Dow revisited that level Wednesday, it was worth only 9.276 ounces of gold.

In oil terms, the Dow has gone from 609 barrels to 133.

Chart via Zero Hedge

bigger / größer

Dow 10,000: A Celebration Jesse

Team coverage today on Bloomberg by the Money Honeys as the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed 10,000 intra-day, led by J.P. Morgan, in a move that surely epitomizes the illusions of wealth granted by modern accounting practices.

Can you believe the NYSE had the nerve to prepare new Dow 10,000 hats and distribute them for today? The first time the Dow Industrials crossed 10,000 was in 1999. The last time it closed over 10,000 was in October of 2008, just
before the most recent plunge of the collapsing credit bubble.

That does not speak well of equities for the "buy and hold" crowd, which has surely had a wild ride if they have indeed managed to hold on for the last ten years, and ex-dividends and fees and commissions and inflation and a plunging US dollar and soaring commodities are... even.
AMEN :-)


The following videos are too good to be buried in the comment section..... Judging from this interview Bloomberg has morphed into another version of CNBC.......

Denke die folgenden Clips sind zu gut um in den Kommentaren versteckt zu werden..... Muß gestehen das ich nach dem folgenden Interview den Eindruck habe das sich Blommberg und CNBC nicht mehr wesentlich voneinander unterscheiden......

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Blogger Running Man said...

that is two very telling metrics(Gold/dow and oil/dow)....I'm still waiting on a short squeeze on the dollar but it might just do a Lehman swan dive given how dire things appear

2:32 AM  
Blogger jmf said...

Moin Running Man,

i also think that a stronger $ could be the trigger to lots of pain.....

The herd mentality is just stunning.....

2:43 AM  
Blogger jmf said...

The 60% Rally In Perspective

12:30 AM  
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