Monday, September 28, 2009

CORRECTION: Business Week Cover "Why The Market Will Keep Going Up" / "Why The Market Is Going Nowhere"

Shame on me..... See the correction at the end of the post.....(Original Post) Just in time .....You don´t have to read Why The Market Will Keep Going Up ( i didn´t )to know that this kind of cover comes usually closer to the top...... ;-)

Da habe ich wohl gepennt...... Bitte die alternative Lesart des Covers bei einer 180% Drehung am Ende des Postings beachten...... ( Ursprüngliches Posting) Gerade noch rechtzeitig .......Man muß kein Prophet sein und den Artikel Why The Market Will Keep Going Up gelesen haben ( habe es mir verkniffen ) um zu wissen das diese Art von Cover im Regelfall eher nahe einem Top zu finden ist..... ;-)


H/T Clusterstock

Dow 9.750, S&P 1.060, N100 1.725, DAX 5675, Eurostoxx 2875, Nikkei 10.130

Needless to say that i ´m "less optimistisc" ( see here , here & here)

Brauche wohl nicht zu erwähnen das ich weniger optimistsisch bin ( siehe hier , hier & hier) Sollte nun auch noch der Focus einen ähnlichen Titel machen ist es höchste Zeit short zu gehen...... :-)

CORRECTION : H/T Barry Ritholtz


Blogger Yogi said...

Good find J-M!

This Business Week cover may be remembered like the famous “Death of Equities” cover from the early 1980s (right before the start of the bull market).

For whatever it’s worth, the options call/put ratios that I follow have also been showing excessive bullish sentiment over the last few days, while the Chinese stock markets have been weak for the last few weeks.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous fajensen said...

Its finally Time to seriously buy some PUT's I think.

Whatever is printed in the kind of magazines one reads on the airplane is either a) Wrong, b) Made Up.

1:45 PM  
Blogger jmf said...

Moin Yogi & Fajensen,

i had to correct the post.....

In general i agree that the time to short the market is not far away....

Still waiting for the trigger....

Wouldn´t surprise me if this will be a strengthening $.....

12:04 PM  
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