Monday, November 20, 2006

fantastic slideshow housing!

even if the presentation comes from d. lereah and the nar. the show has the title " the road to recovery" and is full of pages of attempts to spin things. (slides in this post from the presentation before this one)
selbst wenn diese präsentation von lereah and der nar kommt und bessere zeiten vorhersagt sind die charts beeindruckend. (die grafiken hier sind aus der vorangegangenen präsentation)

every sober viewer sees only arguments why the downturn has further room to fall and things won´t improve soon.
jeder halbwegs objektive betrachter kommt bei ansicht der daten und charts zur schlußfolgerung das der abwärtstrend sich noch vertärkt und beschleunigt. von einer erholung kann nicht die rede sein.

and with the track record from predictions that the nar and lereah have nobody should follow their of course optimistic outlook.

und bei der bisherigen histirie von skandalösen statement und vorhersagen von lereah und der nar sollte keine der wie immer optimistischen aussagen für voll genommen werden.
examples/beispiele (video lereah "housing is a baloon...")

david lereah und anthony hsieh Source: L.A. Times (August 28, 2005)

If you paid your mortgage off, it means you probably did not manage your funds efficiently over the years,” said David Lereah, chief economist of the National Association of Realtors and author of “Are You Missing the Real Estate Boom?” “It’s as if you had 500,000 dollar bills stuffed in your mattress.
”He called it “very unsophisticated.”
Lawrence Yun of the NAR

Nearly three times as many condos are on the market today compared to last year, according the MRIS. Last month’s condo sales dropped 18 percent compared to last year. According to Lawrence Yun of the NAR, the condo market is always more susceptible to purchases by investors and speculators. ‘Now these short-term investors have left the market,’ said Yun.”(vergleich diese aussage mal mit der auf dem peak im letzten jahr)
But Lawrence, don’t you remember what you said less than a year ago? Zero chance of housing declines?
The chance of a housing price decline in the DC area is close to zero, in my view. I anticipate that prices in DC will outpace the national average price growth. DC prices will rise at close to a 7 to 10 % rate of appreciation. That’s not the 20 to 25% rate we’ve seen in the past, but it’s still very respectful.

make sure you see the slide show/ bitte unbedingt die slideshow ansehen.

slideshow !!!!!!

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