Monday, September 11, 2006

erben von blodget, meeker, cohen, glassman....

denke das die folgenden zitate sicher nicht hinter denen des letzten bubbles zurückstehen.
hier nochmal eine rückblende auf die tollen zitate von blodget und co zur einstimmung und zum vergleichen mit denen die gleich folgen.

danke geht an harm und patrick net.

1) david lereah und anthony hsieh Source: L.A. Times (August 28, 2005)

“If you paid your mortgage off, it means you probably did not manage your funds efficiently over the years,” said David Lereah, chief economist of the National Association of Realtors and author of “Are You Missing the Real Estate Boom?” “It’s as if you had 500,000 dollar bills stuffed in your mattress.”

He called it “very unsophisticated.”

Anthony Hsieh, chief executive of LendingTree Loans, an Internet-based mortgage company, used a more disparaging term. “If you own your own home free and clear, people will often refer to you as a fool. All that money sitting there, doing nothing.”

2) alan greenspan Source: Federal Reserve Board (February 23, 2004)

just as Greenspan was preparing to start RAISING rates from 1%

“… many homeowners might have saved tens of thousands of dollars had they held adjustable-rate mortgages rather than fixed-rate mortgages during the past decade.

…American consumers might benefit if lenders provided greater mortgage product alternatives to the traditional fixed-rate mortgage. To the degree that households are driven by fears of payment shocks but are willing to manage their own interest rate risks, the traditional fixed-rate mortgage may be an expensive method of financing a home.”

3) ron shuffield Source: N.Y. Times (March 25, 2005)

Ron Shuffield, president of Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell Realtors says that “South Florida is working off of a totally new economic model than any of us have ever experienced in the past.” He predicts that a limited supply of land coupled with demand from baby boomers and foreigners will prolong the boom indefinitely.

4) gary watts Source: CNN Money/Fortune (February 13, 2006)

If you want to know where real estate prices are headed in California’s Orange County, the man to talk to is Gary Watts. The Mission Viejo broker has 35 years of experience and doubles as a spokesman for the O.C.’s Association of Realtors.

… Since 1997, Orange County home prices have seen a 195 percent rise. Will the good times last another year? Gary doesn’t hesitate. “Fifteen percent is pretty much in the bag for Orange County in 2006,” he says. “It’s impossible for prices to go down this year.“

5.) bob toll Source: N.Y. Times (October 16, 2005)

“In Britain you pay seven times your annual income for a home; in the U.S. you pay three and a half.” The British get 330 square feet, per person, in their homes; in the U.S., we get 750 square feet. Not only does Toll say he believes the next generation of buyers will be paying twice as much of their annual incomes; in terms of space, he also seems to think they’re going to get only half as much.

6) linda walker/ryan olsen Source: Planet Jackson Hole (September 6, 2006)
man beachte das datum! die aussage ist keinen monat alt.

“‘In Jackson, the market doesn’t really go down,’ said (realtor) Linda Walker. Broker Ryan Olsen agrees. ‘We are immune to the up and down treads that plague many real estate markets,’ he says. ‘Our real estate market is essentially quite ‘bullet proof!’”

what a difference a year makes.....

ich bin mir sicher das diese liste noch um einige bizarre zitate erweitert wird.



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