Wednesday, September 13, 2006

rückblende / flashback august 2005

ob die familie heute immer noch so glücklich ist?

ich finde es heftig wie schnell die psyche des marktes binnen 12 monaten gedreht hat.
dieser bericht stammt aus dem august 2005!

dank geht an damon botsford und ben

Two months in house-hunting hell
How one L.A. couple survived a tight market, head-spinning bidding wars


When my husband and I finally decided to buy a home in the Los Angeles area after renting in various cities for so many years, we were genuinely excited

But we were not at all prepared for the two months of drudgery, desperation and downright insanity that came next.

We knew we would not get much for our money in L.A.’s super-hot housing market. Still, we were surprised at just how little we would get.Tiny run-down homes — more like glorified boxes — were going for considerably more than half a million dollars. But sticker shock was only the beginning of our house-hunting hell.

We also were stunned at just how slovenly people can be when they know that no matter how terrible their house looks — or smells — they are going to sell it for far more than they could have dreamed even a few years ago.

it was more than a little shocking when the first house we bid on had 50 other offers.

Yes, 5-0, for a two-bedroom home listed at $549,000

We decided to offer $81,000 over the asking price, not because we had money to throw away but because we wanted to be competitive

There were 50 other offers. But the good news was that seven potential buyers were being given a chance to offer even more money with a second and final offer

We came in second — out of 51. The house went for $670,000 — $121,000 over asking

Then we heard that a Spanish home just a few blocks over from the English Revival was on the market. Hope anew!

This time the house was priced better, so we bid only $16,000 over the asking price

our agent called to say that if we raised our offer another $7,000, the house was ours

All in all, we’re happy about the house. Of course, we wished we’d bought nearly four years ago when we first moved to Los Angeles. But at the time — just after 9/11 — we were getting bad vibes about the economy and the housing market (as in, “How much higher can prices go?!”). If we had bought one of the three-bedroom townhouses we considered back then, we probably would have made $200,000 or more.

bidding wars mit 50 anderern, bruchbuden für über 500.000$, arrogante verkäufer, käufer als ne art bittsteller usw.

die familie hat ziemlich genau auf dem peak gekauft. bleibt zu hoffen das sie zumindest nicht mit nem option arms finanziert haben wie es für los-angeles üblich ist.

12 monate später sind die angebote an immobilien explodiert und der käufer ist könig und kann sog. "lowball" offers die 20%-30% unter asking price liegen abgeben und muß damit rechnen das diese angenommen werden. die builder übervieten sich mit incentives für neubauten mit ebenfalls bis zu mehreren 100.000$ abschlägen.

wenn das kein crash ist weiß ich nicht was dann den namen verdient.



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