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No Kidding..... S&P Is Acting Responsible & Threatens To Blow Up Fed´s CRE Bailout Stunt Via TALF

Pobably the most underreported news from yesterday... The timing of the move ( a tsunami is not an overstatement ) makes it even more remarkable..... To put this in context lets remember that last week the Fed has continued with the "war on taxpayers" and has decided to bail out large parts of the commercial real estate complex ( see Fed Bends Over Backward For CMSA, Will Feed Inflation Capacitor With More Toxic Garbage via Zero Hedge ). The only precondition was....

Kaum zu fassen das gerade die Ratingagentur S&P verantwortungsvoll ( wenn auch einige Quartale zu spät ) reagiert und das Offensichtliche ausspricht. Praktisch alle in den letzten Jahren vergebenen Kredite die durch gewerblich genutzte Immobilien abgedeckt sind drohen analog dem privaten Wohnungsmarkt zu implodieren. Das besondere ist der Zeitpunkt der Ankündigung..... In der letzten Woche hat die Fed in der gewohnt verantwortungslosen Art und Weise beschlossen einen Großteil der gewerblichen Immofinanzierung mit Steuergeldern zu einem Bailout zu verhelfen der aufgrund der schieren Größe des Sektors leicht & locker die 100 Mrd $ übersteigen könnte ( siehe Fed Bends Over Backward For CMSA, Will Feed Inflation Capacitor With More Toxic Garbage via Zero Hedge ). Wenn man nun noch den heutigen Treasury Crash hinzunimmt dürfte das nachfolgende Bild nicht wirklich übertrieben sein........ :-)

An "AAA" rating.....

Die einzige Voraussetzung zur Teilnahme an der Party war ein AAA geratetes Papier....

Current Ratings: As of the TALF loan closing date, the CMBS must have a credit rating in the highest long-term investment-grade rating category from at least two TALF CMBS-eligible rating agencies

Should be no surprise to see that the Fed is deperate to get this kind of crappy collateral with exploding delinquencies onto their balance sheet......Just in time........ Make sure you see more "encouraging" CRE charts via Realpoint / Zero Hedge. Interesting to see that Realpoint is also a "TALF CMBS-eligible rating agency". Judging from their charts & comments it is unlikely that they will "help" the Fed...... Add todays Treasury Crashand i think the picture from Bernanke is even more spot on....... :-)

Inzwischen sollte es keinen mehr überraschen das die Fed eine der am schnellsten implodierenden Anlageklassen auf Teufel komm raus in Ihre Bilanz holen möchte..... Wie dramatisch schnell sich die Lage im gewerblichen Bereich verschlechtert verdeutlichen diese Charts via Realpoint zeigen. Diese Charts sind umso aussagekräftiger wenn man bedenkt das Realpoint ebenfalls zum ausgewählten Kreis der 5 Ratingagenturen gehört denen es erlaubt ist die CMBS zu raten. Nach allem was ich bisher von denen gelesen habe dürften die Kopfschmerzen der Fed eher noch zunehmen.........


S&P To Downgrade Most Of 2005-2008 CMBS Classes, Derails TALF For CMBS

It is likely that the proposed changes, which represent a significant change to the criteria for rating high investment-grade classes, will prompt a considerable amount of downgrades in recently issued (2005-2008 vintage) CMBS.

Classes up through the most senior tranches of outstanding deals (so-called "A4s," "dupers," or "super-duper seniors") are likely to be affected. Our preliminary findings indicate that approximately 25%, 60%, and 90% of the most senior tranches (by count) within the 2005, 2006, and 2007 vintages, respectively, may be downgraded

Once more i have to quote Tyler ( the man who needs obvioulsly no sleep ) from Zero Hedge.....

Einmal mehr muß ich Tyler ( der Mann braucht anscheinend keinen Schlaf ) von Zero Hedge....

"And all this just days after the government had finally drafted what it hoped was the last and final version of its TALF term sheet. Lets rewind: in the May 19th version of TALF, in order the be eligible, CMBS "must not have a rating below the highest investment-grade rating category from any TALF CMBS-Eligibile Rating Agency." Throw in a downgrade of 90% of the 2007 vintage and it's time to go back to the drawing board.....

Basically, the impending downgrade would make Super Duper CMBS ineligible for TALF

It is a safe bet that the Fed will come back as soon as a week from today and announce TALF 364.7, in which the requirement for a current AAA rating is eliminated altogether.

In fact, as I speculated (jokingly), anything rated Default or higher will soon be perfectly eligible collateral for taxpayer funding. Because that's just how good a fiduciary of taxpayer money the Federal Reserve is."

> I think he is right..... Another stunt could be that the other agencies ( TALF CMBS-eligible rating agencies are DBRS, Inc., Fitch Ratings, Moody’s Investors Service, Realpoint LLC and Standard & Poor’s ) with Realpoint the exception ( see earlier link ) are as "helpful" as always and won´t issue any downgrade until the TALF is working and the most toxic stuff is already on the Fed´s balance sheet......

> Nach meinen Erfahrungswerten was die Fed angeht dürfte Tyler recht haben..... Eine weitere Möglichkeit wäre allerdings auch das die anderen zugelassenen Ratingagenturen(TALF CMBS-eligible rating agencies are DBRS, Inc., Fitch Ratings, Moody’s Investors Service, Realpoint LLC and Standard & Poor’s ) wie bisher beide Augen verschliessen und mit Ihren Downgrades "hilfreich" warten bis TALF implementiert und die "giftigsten" Papiere bereits in der Fedbilanz gelandet sind..... Möchte Realpoint ( siehe vorherigen Link ) von meiner Kritik ausdrücklich ausschließen

What happens if an ABS that was eligible for TALF financing is downgraded by an NRSRO?

Nothing happens to existing TALF loans secured by that ABS. However, the ABS may not be used as collateral for any new TALF loans until it regains its status as eligible collateral.

I highly recommend the blog Zero Hedge ( soon on my blogroll ). Here is much more from Tyler on the CMBS topic. UPDATE: Report: $75 billion of CMBS Market Capitalization Lost in Two Days

Ihr merkt schon das ich den Blog Zero Hedge für extrem lesenswert halte ( findet sich demnächst sicher auch auf meiner Blogroll wieder ). Empfehle zudem die gesammelten Werke von Tyler zu diesem Thema. UPDATE: Report: $75 billion of CMBS Market Capitalization Lost in Two Days

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Blogger John M said...


OT, but here's something you might find interesting.

"Germany's Subprime Crisis: Interview With Achim Dübel", by Chris Whalen, Institutional Risk Analytics, May 27, 2009.

9:32 AM  
Blogger jmf said...

Moin John,

thanks for the link.

Excellent and unfortunately spot on......

It tells you something that the € is still gaining against the $.....

Looks like you have to choose between pest or cholera.

Óne of many reason why i prefer gold.....

How is Canada doing?

10:04 AM  
Blogger John M said...

How are we doing? Oh, the usual ...

This just in:

"Canada's Liberals want finance minister fired", AFP, May 27, 2009.

4:27 PM  
Blogger jmf said...

Moin John

"On Tuesday, Flaherty announced the government would post a deficit of at least 50 billion dollars (44.8 billion US) this year, more than three times the amount forecast in his January budget."

Resisigning for a deficit of $ 50 billion..... Peanuts.... :-)

Coming soon: a wave of CMBS downgrades
FT Alphaville

Just last month, S&P put $100bn of CMBS on watch for possible downgrade. This update is a warning that “possible” really means “extremely likely, and more to come.”

Small wonder, then, that the Fed recently expanded the TALF program to include “legacy” CMBS assets.

3:19 AM  
Blogger francois-guillaume said...

In French we say:
"le bateau prend l'eau de toutes parts...!!!"

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