Sunday, April 20, 2008

Consumer Spending Break-Down / Hester

Nice quote via William Hester from his piece Consumer Spending Break-Down .

Nettes Zitat via William Hester aus Consumer Spending Break-Down

Following a Bull's game in the 90's where Michael Jordan scored 69 points and the newly acquired Stacey King contributed one point, the rookie quipped, “I'll always remember this as the night Michael Jordan and I combined to score 70 points.” Whether you're handicapping basketball games or the economy, it's always best to figure out how the major producer will perform.

It´s still amazing that some are still in denial.....

Schon erschreceknd das bei den meisten "Experten" der Groschen noch immer nicht gefallen ist.....

A quick look at economist's expectations for the economy this year shows that much is riding on the forecast of a mild slowdown. The level of GDP should be essentially unchanged the first two quarters of this year, and then expand at almost 2 percent in the second half, according to a Bloomberg poll. Underlying those estimates is the forecast for spending to grow at an average rate of one half percent in each of the first two quarters, and at about 2 percent in the second half

But they are probably betting on the never ending story of creative accounting from the government level ( Pre-Revision CPI: 9%, Disappearing Economic Indicators, Unemployment Soars, Jobs Collapse etc ) to mask the real damage. At least the officials haven´t gotten so far as the pentagon ( Behind Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand )..... :-)

Wahrscheinlich werden hier schon die "kreativen" Berechnungsmethoden von Staatsseite eingepreist ( Pre-Revision CPI: 9%,Disappearing Economic Indicators, Unemployment Soars, Jobs Collapse usw ) die nur ein Ziel haben die Wirklichkeit in einem besseren Licht erscheinen zu lassen. Das mag kurzfristig sogar funktionieren, mittel bis längerfristig wird hier aber enormer Schaden angerichtet. Immerhin sind Sie noch nicht soweit wie das Pentagon gegangen (Bush kaufte TV-Militärexperten ).... Obwohl ich ir da auch nicht immer ganz sicher bin .... :-)

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Ein paar links:

Goldberg Sees Citigroup Return to Profit in Second Half: Video

Tja, ohne Zweifel.

Ein Landsmann.

Unterhaltsam, mindestens.

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