Thursday, August 03, 2006

irgendwo und überall in amerika

der typ ist wohl zu recht frustriert.

Just bought this home in May for 395,000, was listed for 424,000. Houses in the same area are not selling at all for months, bigger houses than mine with spacious floor plans are listed for 440,000 and selling for 395,000 to maximum of 400,000.

I'm so frustrated that these houses are selling for the same price I paid for my house. Houses like mine are now selling for 375,000 to 385,000 max. Is this issue will last long or soon will end, I started to feel so many regrets here, I could've bought my house for 370,000 and saved around 35,000 which about 400 extra payment a month. (die gier bzw die unbekümmertheit beim kauf die den makt immer weiter nach oben getrieben hat kehrt sich jetzt ins gegenteil um. man kann nur hoffen das der typ zumindest keine "innovative" finanzierzung laufen hat.)

So many houses around for sale, people are negotiating prices down 30,000+.

I know someone who purchased a home around the block 6 months ago for 376,000, he is facing a divorce and must sell, he put it up for 379,000 and it's been on the market for around 3 months and is not selling, not even one offer came through, one person offered him 320,000 and he turned it down, it's way below what he paid for the house, it seems that investing in buying a house turned to be waste of money if anyone bought in the last few months. Just curious to know if the buyer's market will last long and if anyone else is experiencing the same in their area. Thanks



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