Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jeremy Grantham "Night of the Living Fed’

After this post i will continue with my temporary "time out"...Image was just too spot on to pass and is topping even the "They Won´t Stay Dead" version".....

Werde nun meine wohlverdiente Pause fortsetzen....Konnte bei dieser wohl treffensten Illustration seit langem einfach nicht wiederstehen.....Toppt sogar noch die "They Won´t Stay Dead" Version...

Grantham October

Unlike Grantham i think this is a not a bad long term hedge against the wisdom of the "Central Banksters"... ;-)

Selbst wenn einer wie Grantham es etwas anders sieht denke ich das dies langfristig nicht die schlechteste Absicherung gegen die geballten Wesiheiten der weltweiten ( aber inbesonders der angelsächsich geprägten ) "Central Bankster" ist....;-)

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Blogger jmf said...

Bernanke: The Wizard of Ease WSJ The Source

In a grand room in a grand building in Washington, D.C., there stands behind a velvet curtain a bald man with a beard who spends his hours pulling levers. The levers of monetary illusion.

This is Ben Bernanke, the Wizard of Ease.

Having wrought the tornado of financial crisis by pumping up the fantasy of false wealth with cheap money, he’s pulling the same levers to undo the damage now.

Let’s see, turn the asset valuation crank here, and voila, the prices of equities and commodities explode and yes, even house prices seem to stabilize.

Throw in the extra measure of allowing them to make up their own values for nonmarket assets and, presto, banks that had flimsy balance sheets suddenly look rock solid.

A rash of bonuses all round.

A flash of the Wizard’s pen, and suddenly all those brainless regulators who stood abjectly by as the mess took form are smart enough to prevent the disaster from recurring.

And here, a medal to give central bankers courage to make difficult decisions. Like taking the punch bowl away when the party gets going and not blowing bubbles in order to stave off economic pain in the short term.

And there, a heart for Wall Street. No…it’s all too absurd.

So investors are left wondering. The same guy is operating the same levers to effect the same solution that led us to the catastrophe in the first place.

For many, it’s too much

3:26 AM  
Blogger John M said...

Hi Jan-Martin,

Enjoy your time off! I recently announced "semi-retirement" from Doom (again) but as usual things got hot just then (foreclosure-gate) so it's hard to stay away.

However, there's now something completely different to waste time on ;-)

4:57 AM  
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