Friday, June 04, 2010

17 Minutes Bob Janjuah......

Quite refreshing compared to the usual "Buy, Buy, Buy...." spin ( UPDATE: After todays market action worth a second look) that is flooding the wires these days..... Excellent takes on banks, debt, inflation/deflation, GOLD, the upcoming jobs report, the real economy etc.....You can read his note "Uber Bear Early Warning Alert" they are refering to here & his even more bearish update "Prepare for flash crash II and $10 trillion of QE"here.....This guy makes even me look like a bull.... ;-)

In diesem Interview werden alle relevanten Themen ( Banken, Inflation/Deflation, Arbeitsmarkt, reale Wirtschaft, GOLD, Verschuldung ... ) ziemlich schonungslos und meiner Meinung nach sehr treffend abgehandelt....Vergleicht diese Ansichten mit der "Buy, Buy, Buy....Mentalität" ( UPDATE: Ist speziell nach dem heutigem Handelstag einen "zweiten Blick" wert ) die ansonsten tagtäglich von Wall Street Finest gepredigt wird.... Wer möchte kann den "Uber Bear Early Warning Alert" auf dem im Interview Bezug genommen wird hier nachlesen oder sein noch negativeres Update "Prepare for flash crash II and $10 trillion of QE" hier zu Gemüte führen...... Im Vergleich dazu höre selbst ich mich bullish an.....

Here are some earlier highlights

Hier ein paar Zitate aus der letzten Zeit....

September 2009 FT Alphaville

I think balance sheets and sustainability - govt, central bank ANDprivate sector, MATTER

If they no longer matter, I will be WRONG, and I will have to accept that the policy of ‘Print/Borrow/Spend on Rubbish we don’t Need’ is a limitless phenomena, without consequences, which means there should never be a bear marketever again….

January 2010 FT Alphaville

Well I clearly underestimated the ability & willingness of the Public Sector, notably in the UK, US, parts of periph Europe and Japan, to take huge risks with their sovereign balance sheets, AND IMPORTANTLY, I over-estimated the ability & willingness of the Financial Sector/Market to see things for what they are (Another Debt Fuelled Bubble/Ponzi).

April 2010 ZH

We are trapped in some horrendous Keynesian/monetarist nightmare, where policymakers, aided/abetted/advised by their buddies in the media, in the lobbyist cabal and in financial system, have YET AGAIN decided to go down the route which merely delays the problem/pushes it down the road, but which virtually guarantees that when the NEXT bubble collapses (I assume it will be the Global Government Debt/Bond Bubble and/or the Global Fiat Money/Paper Money/FX Bubble), there is NO pleasant way back.

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