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In Fiat Money We Do Not Trust

Nice addition to Gold...The Ultimate Triple-A Asset . If you are still not in the GOLD camp & "stunned" by the recent price action you really should give the link a chance..... Especially if you think GOLD is a bubble...... I think it´s more important than ever that a prudent asset allocation should at least have "some" GOLD exposure.......Doesn´t mean you have to do the "SPROTT","PAULSON" or "KAPLAN"......

Passt perfekt zu Gold...The Ultimate Triple-A Asset . Denke jeder der bisher die Preisbewegung beim Gold mit ungläubigem Staunen betrachtet sollte sich den Link zwingend zu Gemüte führen.... Gilt besonders für alle die ( oftmals seit Jahren ) im "GOLD IS A BUBBLE" Lager zu finden sind......... Ich bin mehr denn je der Meinung das jede vernünftige Portfolio Strukturierung zumindest "etwas" mit GOLD zu tun haben sollte.....Man muß ja nicht gleich den "SPROTT", "KAPLAN" oder "PAULSON" machen.....

H/T Wall Street Follies

The image from Wall Street Follies is well over 10 years old and an updated version would obviously include "QUNATITIVE EASING" aka "PRINTING MONEY"..... ;-)

Der Cartoon von Wall Street Follies ist deutlich über 10 Jahre alt..... Eine aktuelle Version würde sicher die Wörter "QUANTITIVE EASING" bzw "PRINTING PRESS" beinhalten..... ;-)

David Rosenberg ZH

Gold has broken out to the upside even as the U.S. dollar has done likewise on the back of a renewed flight-to-safety bid. What this means, of course, is that gold has managed to hit new highs even as, (i) the U.S. dollar has risen, which means gold is breaking out against all major currencies; and, (ii) other industrial commodities, such as oil and copper, have slumped from their recent highs.

So what this all means is that gold is no longer being considered as part of a resource complex that is outperforming the segment but is increasingly being viewed as a currency of its own.

Gold is a hedge against instability of all kindsdon’t think for a second that deflation does not engender instability whether it be financial, economic or political. To be sure, gold is also a hedge against inflation — but that is going to come much, much later and will be the icing on the cake.

Totally agree on the his deflation / inflation view & timeline....

Stimme zu 100% mit der Deflations / Inflationszeitachse überein....

In Fiat Money We Do Not Trust FT Alphaville

....the price of gold is rising against every major currency, not just the embattled euro.

Gregg Gibbs : "If the market won’t buy the government bonds, the central banks have to. There is no other choice. The alternative is just too damaging for the economy to contemplate. If the central banks don’t buy the debt, then governments are forced into a budget surplus (a surplus is required to cover interest payments on existing debt).

Imagine the carnage if major economies were forced from double digit deficits to surplus, you are talking Great Depression type scenario or worse."

Even though inflation is yet to break out, the price of gold is telling us that this threat is very real over the longer term. People rightly so do not trust fiat money anymore.

Pimco’s Mohamed El-Erian via Felix Salmon

I am inclined [to warn] against the long-term implications of additional steps to turn monetary authorities (with revolving balance sheets) into fiscal agencies (with more permanent exposure to dubious assets).

An even larger-scale use of central bank balance sheets, if it were to materialize, would provide only a temporary respite, and the collateral damage and unintended consequences would be serious, including the impact on inflationary expectations.

Welcome to the OECD debt trap George "Minsky" Magnus via FT Alphaville

There is little on offer in the underlying details of most governments’ deficit and debt arithmetic moreover that would suggest these debt ratios are about to peak and then decline to more manageable levels in the period ahead.

Indeed on current policy settings the evidence suggests that debt-to-GDP ratios will continue to climb.

The reasons are two-fold and relate to conventional textbook definitions of a ‘debt-trap1’

The first reason is that most governments will still be running a deficit on their cycle-adjusted primary budget balance in 2011 – the budget balance excluding interest payments that would appear if the economy was operating at full capacity.

The second reason concerns the relatively high real borrowing costs that governments are confronting at present, partly a function of low levels of inflation and – for some economies – the increasing premium that investors have been demanding to hold their sovereign debt. The ‘effective’ real borrowing rates for most OECD governments last year on their accumulated debt position was north of 3 percentage points (see charts below). For some economies it was north of 4 percentage points. Against an underlying backdrop where potential growth rates for most OECD economies are probably south of 2% and for many closer to 1.5%,this is deeply concerning.

Bill Gross WaPo

"In order to pay the interest and the bill when it comes due, we'll simply have to issue more IOUs. That, to me, is Ponzi-like," Gross said. "It's a game that can never be finished."

Hinde Capital - ECB the European Commisssion's Whore May 2010


Debasing the ECB’s Balance Sheet Hussman via Tim
A “sterilized intervention” is one where the euros created through the purchase
of distressed Euro-area debt will also be absorbed by selling other assets from
the ECB’s balance sheet

Therefore, we are fundamentally promising to debase the quality of our balance sheet, by exchanging higher quality Euro-area debt with lower-quality debt of countries that are ultimately likely to default.”.
Looks like even Hussman is too otimistioc when it comes to the ECB & "sterilisation"......

Beim Anblick des nächsten Links muß man leider sagen das wie zu befürcvhten war selbst Hussman beim Thema EZB und "Sterilisation" noch zu optimistisch ist....

Sterilised and scandalised FT Alphaville

But here’s the key bit from the ECB’s statement:

Fixed term deposits held with the Eurosystem are eligible as collateral for the Eurosystem’s credit operations.

Which means the ECB’s govt bond purchases will be offset for a full week — until the banks can repo the fixed term deposits at things like the Long-Term Refinancing Operation (LTRO). What liquidity the ECB takes away with one hand, via the term deposits, it gives in unlimited amounts with the other.
JP Morgan’s David Mackie
In the event, there was less symbolism than we expected . . .

what the ECB is doing is potentially far more worrying. The ECB is now purchasing the government debt of sovereigns whose solvency is in question: neither the Bank of England nor the Federal Reserve did that

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Don´t know if i like that suddenly Goldman also likes GOLD......

Goldman Revises Gold Forecast, Now Constructive, As It Sells Gold To Clients

9:42 PM  
Blogger jmf said...

Not quite a "SPROTT" but nevertheless... ;-)

Complete Paulson Q1 Portfolio Update: Major Additions To Gold Exposure

Of Paulson's $21 billion in total notional holdings at March 31, 30% were held in names directly related to gold extraction, production or gold ETFs.

9:56 PM  
Blogger jmf said...

Chart DOW / GOLD

How is the stock market performing? It all depends on how you measure. When measured in US dollars, the Dow currently trades approximately 28% below its all-time record high. However, when measured with that other world currency (gold), the picture is even more bleak. To help illustrate the point, today's chart presents the Dow divided by the price of one ounce of gold. This results in what is referred to as the Dow / gold ratio or the cost of the Dow in ounces of gold. For example, it currently takes 8.5 ounces of gold to "buy the Dow." This is considerably less that the 44.8 ounces back in the year 1999. When priced in gold, the US stock market has been in a severe bear market for the entire 21st century.

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