Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cramer´s Bull Case For Banks..... I Can Smell A Top... ;-)

Oh boy..... After the ( even by his standarts.... ) famous "Housing & Bank Stock Shortage" call from January 2008 ( NO KIDDING > see "Ten Trillion $ Worth Of Good Calls" ) was a little bit "premature" he is predicting a bank stock shortage version 2.0.... Would at least be honest if he mentioned the "ultimate moral hazard trade" & the "Enron-esque characteristics" when it comes to accounting as the two main reasons behind the motives to own banks.. ;-)

Die Euphorie ist zurück........ Nachdem derselbe Typ Januar 2008 leicht "verfrüht" bereits einmal eine "Housing & Bank Stock Shortage" ( siehe "Ten Trillion $ Worth Of Good Calls") proklamiert hat ist es höchtse Zeit für eine Version 2.0.....Wäre zumindest ehrlich gewesen wenn er in seinen 10 Gründen die unbedingt dafür sprechen sofort massiv Bankaktien zu kaufen den "ultimativen Moral Hazard Trade" sowie die kreative Bilanzierung die stark "Enron-esque characteristics" aufweist als die Topgründe aufführen würde.... ;-)

Just for the record here are the two main ETF´s tracking the financial sector.....

Nur um die Daten festzuhalten nachfolgend die beiden relevanten Bank/Finanz EFT´s....

Financial Select Sector ETF) $ 15,47 & KBW Regional Banking (ETF) $ 25,47

Needless to say that both ( along with almost every asset class worldwide ) are trading at 52 week highs & had the longest winning streaks since 1995.....Especially Citigroup seems to be a "real bargain"... ;-)

Überflüssig zu erwähnen das die EFT´s ( wie fast alle anderen Anlageklassen weltweit ) auf Jahreshochs stehen & gerade die längste Gewinnserie seit 1995 hinter sich haben....Besonders Citigroup scheint ein "echtes Schnäppchen" zu sein... ;-)

John Hussman Rips Apart CNBC ZH

In reflecting on why the past 15 years have been so riddled by irresponsible speculation, it is impossible to ignore the rise over that same period of widely-viewed financial programming that is equally riddled with cartoonish content that encourages short-term thinking and speculation (buy-buy-buy! sell-sell-sell! boo-yah!)
"Anti Spin" from Chris Whalen via NC ( MUST READ!!!!)

In fact, the banking system is continuing to sink under bad loans and even worse securities losses. Telling the public that the banks are “fixed” is irresponsible. Unfortunately this false perception is widespread, including among major media such as CNBC and also with a number of my clients in the hedge fund world.
But at least Bubblevision is a very good tool to spot sentiment......

Immerhin muß man Bubblevision lassen das es kaum ein besseres Barometer gibt wenn es darum geht die Stimmungen "einzufangen".....

UPDATE: Unrelated....... Ohne Bezug.... ;-)

Citi: Bove Raises to “Buy”; Citicorp Is New Model for U.S. Banks
He figures Citi is worth about $8.50 in that outlook.
"Wall Street Finest & Lehman June 2008 ZH

Hoenig Says Big Banks Must Either Add $210 Billion In New Capital Or Reduce Total Assets By $3 Trillion; Bank Capital Raises Imminent ZH

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