Monday, September 21, 2009

Looks Like S&P Equity Anlaysts Are As Competent As Their Debt Analysts.....

This kind of expertise from Wall Street Finest based only on hope of a better bailout deal ( proposed from a major sharholder.... ) sums the market action up..... At least S&P isn´t able to play the Pump & Dump like Goldman & others.... Keep in mind that AIG is one of the Zombie Stocks making up to 20 percent of daily NYSE volume.....

Diese "Expertenmeinung" die einzig und allein auf einem noch besseren Bailoutdeal ( passenderweise vorgeschlagen von einem der Hauptaktionäre ) basiert spiegelt recht schön wider was momentan an den Märkten abgeht.....Immerhin kann man S&P nicht wie z.B. Goldman vorwerfen das altbekannte Pump & Dump zu praktizieren.... Man sollte sich zusärtlich noch ins Gedächnis rufen das AIG eine der Zombie Aktien ist die momentan für knapp 20% des täglichen Handelsvolumens stehen.....

AIG Shares Shoot up on Proposal to Ease Government Loan Terms MarketBeat

AIG jumped roughly 11% today after the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee confirmed receiving a proposal from former CEO Maurice “Hank” Greenberg to restructure the government’s bailout of the insurance giant.

The reports prompted S&P Equity Research to boost AIG to “hold” from “sell.”

We see this news buoying the shares near term,” S&P’s Catherine Seifert wrote in quick squib earlier today. But before you sink the kid’s college fund into AIG shares, keep this in mind:

It’s far from clear that there’s actually any actual equity value in this company.

“We note June 30 tangible common equity was minus $261.66 per share,” Seifert states

Needless to say that according to Yahoo Finance there is no sell rating ( 10 hold ) on AIG.....;-)

Überflüssig zu erwähnen das lt. Yahoo Finance keine einzige Verkaufsempfehlung ( 10 mal Halten ) existiert.....;-)

UPDATE: Traders Seek Fortune in AIG, a Stock Once Left for Dead WSJ

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Blogger jmf said...

Still better risk / reward than AIG & Co...... ;-)

A golden hold’em
FT Alphaville

net speculative long positions on Comex reached a new all-time high of 28.5 MMoz last week, while aggregate gold ounces under management of the six largest gold ETFs increased only slightly week over week to 49.1 MMoz.

All of which foretells, according to RBC:

The weak physical demand for gold combined with the rapid rise in the speculative activity could give rise to a sharp correction, especially if the US dollar rallies.

3:41 AM  
Blogger jmf said...

AIG shares add 10% in pre-open trade ......

5:23 AM  

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