Tuesday, November 04, 2008

No Nigerian Princes at the Fed..... :-)

LOL! The fact that the scamsters have shifted from Nigeria, Petro$ etc. to the Fed speaks volumes......That´s what can happen if you launch a new lending facility almost on a weekly basis and politicians & Fed are talking about bailouts for everyone an a daily basis...... The Fed balance sheet is already looking like some kind of scam......

Genial! Alleine die tatsache das die "Nepper,Schlepper,Bauernfänger" Ihren Fokus von Nigeria usw auf die Fed verlegt haben spricht Bände.....Man stelle sich mal vor die Bundesbank oder die EZB müßte per Pressemitteilung auf eine ähnliche Situation hinweisen. Das passiert aber wohl wenn man beinahe im Wochentakt neue Kreditlinien aus dem Hut zaubert und die Politiker & Notenbänker tagtäglich Bailouts für alle und jeden versprechen ..... Beim Anblick der Fed Bilanz würden ein paar mehr Programme auch nicht mehr ins Gewicht fallen..........

Real Time Economics / WSJ
The Federal Reserve Board Board released a statement today warning consumers about a phishing scam that invokes the central bank’s name in an effort to bilk people out of their money.

The fake emails promise consumers access to loans through a nonexistent Fed lending program. Consumers are encouraged to deposit large sums of money into a bank account, under the guise of a security deposit, in order to receive the purported loan. Of course, the Fed doesn’t lend directly to consumers.

“Consumers are strongly urged to verify the legitimacy of potential service providers before entering into a business transaction,” the Fed said. “Individuals seeking personal finance options are encouraged to do business only with reputable lenders and to shop around for the most favorable loan terms.”

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