Thursday, July 26, 2007

Number of the Day.....Levereged Loans

They will hit the wall like the subprime borrowers in the housing sector. Should be fun to watch when the ultralow default rate will also spike at the same time. Time to hire staff for the distressed debt division.......

Denen wird ein ähnliches Schicksal wie den Subprimeschuldnern momentan blühen. Besonders spaßig dürfte es dann werden wenn zur selben Zeit die Anleiheausfälle zunehmen. Höchste Zeit die Abteilungen für notleidende Kredite massiv aufzustocken......

Hat tip to wmbz!
Junk-rated companies that have tapped generous loan markets in recent years could soon face funding difficulties, according to Fitch.

A report by the rating agency published on Thursday predicts that more than half of the $1,300bn leveraged loans market in the US will need to be refinanced in the next three years.

Companies that have low credit ratings have increasingly turned to the loan market for funding at a time of unprecedented liquidity from hedge funds and other non-traditional investors.

The report shows that about $680bn of loans will mature between 2008 and 2011 compared with only $180bn of maturing high-yield bonds.
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