Monday, July 23, 2007

Quote Of The Day "The amount of talking seems to indicate they are worried.''

Thats a very good quote and is describing the exact feeling that i have way too often when i see statements from the Fed, CEO´s, Wall Street strategist etc..... I think everybody has heard the word "contained" for month now in thousends of press releases, conference calls, statements etc.....

Der Kommentar trifft ziemlich genau meine Gefühlslage wenn ich Erklärungen der Fed, Vorstandsvorsitzenden, Strategen, "Experten" usw vor Augen halte..... Ich verweise in diesem Zusammenhang das seit Monaten gebrauchte Wort "contained" in nahezu allen Veröffentlichungen im Zusammenhang mit der Immobilienkrise

You should relax less!

Excellent Quote taken from CEOs See `No Clear Signs' of Crisis as Subprime Woes Intensify

Wall Street CEOs and CFOs ``are talking their books,'' said Tim Backshall, chief strategist at Credit Derivatives Research LLC, a Walnut Creek, California-based firm that advises clients on how to invest in the market for credit-default protection. ``The amount of talking seems to indicate they are worried.''
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