Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bernanke Vs The CEO Of Nestle On Food Inflation

Who do you believe? I´ll go with the expert from the world largest food company and not with the spin masters from the FED who eats at the CPI cafe.

Wem würdet Ihr glauben? Ich halte mich da doch eher an den Experten des größten Nahrungsmittelkonzernes der Welt und nicht and den in einer parallelwelt lebenden FED Chef der im CPI Cafe essen geht....

Thanks to Wall Street Follies

This is taken from Herb Greenberg.
The head of Nestle doesn't see food inflation as a short-term issue, but part of "structural" changes in his world. So much for this "core inflation is in check" mumbo jumbo. Check, please.
At the same time Bernanke is living in his own "core world" and wonders why the inflation expectation are imperfectly anchored.....
Zur gleichen Zeit fabuliert Bernanke weiter über seine eigene "core" Welt und wundert sich das die Inflationserwartungen nur suboptimal verankert sind....
"Delivering a speech to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Fed chief said "changes in energy [and food] prices should have relatively little influence on 'core' inflation, that is, inflation excluding the prices of food and energy."
Make sure you read Barry Ritholtz nice rant Un-frickin-believable
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