Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NovaStar nonsense / Greenberg

What a surprised....Not contained to 2006 vintages.....Shocking :-)

Make sure you see this post from Rodger Rafter including a must see chart about the past vintages from Nova!!!!

Was für eine Überraschung....Die Probleme betreffen also nicht nur die in 2006 verbrieften Hypotheken.....Schockierend :-)

Ihr müßt Euch zudem unbedingt unter dem o.g. Link den Post von Rodger Rafter zu den letzten Verbriefungen ansehen!!!!!!!

Takeover talk keeps swirling around NovaStar (nfi), probably yet another effort to keep investors from focusing on what really counts, including a continued deterioration in trust data across all vintages. From Stifel Nicolaus:

"While weakness in the 2006 vintage is widely expected, NFI data showed losses climbing well above our projections in all vintages from 2004 forward."

So much for subprime slime being just a little grime.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gomer Pyle: "Surprise, surprise, surprise!"

8:54 AM  

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