Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The why and how America is in trouble / hall of fame

wow! this is a must read from credit suisse,bill cara and also tanta/calculated risk. make sure you click on the headline to see dozens of charts and data.

donnerwetter. das solltet ihr gelesen haben. die wohl bisher beste zusammenfassung des us hypothekenmarktes. dank geht an bill cara, credit suisse und tanta/calculated risk. bitte auf die überschrift klicken

the 3 ones are only a very small sample to increase your appetite.

die 3 charts sind nur zum neugierig machen.

In the past five years, subprime purchase originations have more than doubled in share to approximately 20% of the total in 2006. Over this time period, subprime lenders eased underwriting standards in an effort to gain market share. Loans were made to first time homebuyers with little or no down payments, as 2006 subprime purchase originations posted an alarming 94% combined loan-to-value, on an average loan price of nearly $200,000. Even more distressing is the fact that roughly 50% of all subprime borrowers in the past two years have provided limited documentation regarding their incomes

after viewing all the charts and data i highly recommend this link from tanta/calculated risk

nachdem ihr die charts gesehen habt solltet ihr diesen link anklicken um noch mehr fakten zu bekommen.


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