Monday, March 12, 2007

Time for a new logo.....All of New Century's lenders have or plan to halt financing

this is too good to be true, isn´t it? but i have to quote jeff matthews

click on the link and make sure you see read slide 3 !

" i´m not making this up"

das ist fast zu schaurig um wahr zu sein. stimmt aber wirklich.

thanks/danke to luigik!

what a surprise.... especially to citigroup who just bought a few million shares a few days ago..... they probably know why they havn´t updated it to 2007...... :-)

muß besonders für die citigroup überraschend kommen. die haben erst vor wenigen tagen noch einige mio aktien erworben..... die issen wohl warum die das logo für 07 noch nicht auf vordermann gebracht haben :-)

NEW in a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, said as of March 9, all of the company's lenders under its short-term repurchase agreements and aggregation credit facilities had discontinued their financing with the company or had notified New Century of their intent to do so, and some have also purported to terminate the company's servicing rights. New Century has amended an agreement allowing it to pledge $265 million in additional assets for new financing

logo 2007 !

disclosure: short new

update: shares down over 50% premarket. now halted "news pending"



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