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insider sales / trim tabs

mhhhh. i try to tell the other side of the story. when you read the headline from trim tabs it sounds great a like a vote of confidence that insiders didn´t panic. and it is very "uncool" to give only one side of the story and forget the far more important story of the insiders who has seen this "pullback" as a great buying you can choose your direction if this is bullish or bearish news.....

mhhhh. ich probiere hier mal die andere seite der medaille zu zeigen. nach betrachten der überschrift kann man den eindruch bekommen das dieses eine art von vertrauensbeweis für den aktienmarkt ist. leider ist dieses bild unvollständig. die viel wichtige komponente der insiderkäufe ist hier nicht gennant worden. es wäre in der tat ein gutes zeichen gewesen wenn der letzte "pullback" zu käufen genutzt worden ist....sucht euch selber aus wie ihr das interpretieren wollt.

Insiders didn't panic in recent stock market slump
Insiders sold net $2.26 bln last week, much less than previous weeks
When many investors were rushing to sell during last week's slump, people with the possibly the best insight into the health of the stock market weren't panicking,
Insiders sold a net $2.26 billion worth of shares last week, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 4.3%. That was lower than each of the previous four weeks, according to TrimTabs. ( wich were close to new records / diese auf neuen rekordhöhen waren)
"he is fine as long i take my medication"! same could
be said when you read the statement from trim tabs!

Insider selling was much higher earlier in February, before the market slumped. During the week beginning Feb. 12, insiders sold a net $4.85 billion. The week before that, they unloaded a net $4.74 billion. On Feb. 7 alone, insiders sold a net $2.48 billion of stock - more than the whole of last week combined, TrimTabs data show.
wait a secound! add this together and insiders have unloadet over $ 12 billion in just 3 weeks and this should give investors confidence..... here is a chart of last years peak. too dumb that they didn´t mention how many insiders were buying! this is a vote of confidence and not a slighty reduced pace in unloading!
nicht so schnell! addiert nur die gennanten 3 wochen zusammen und man kommt auf eien betrag der 12 mrd$ übersteigt. wahrleich ein vertrauensbeweis. ....hier seht ihr einen chart der den jahresverlauf in 2006 zeigt. schade das trim tabs nicht die anzhal der läufe genannt hat. das wäre ein wahrer vertrauensbeweis und nicht die tatsache das das extreme tempo der verkäufe sich verlangsamt hat.

"Insiders don't believe the market is going to crash. They were pretty optimistic during the recent declines," ..... "The fact that they haven't been selling much in the past week is a bullish sign for the stock market."
thanks to keith and his and

Indeed, in the days immediately after the Dow fell more than 3% on Feb. 27, insider selling fell to its lowest level since late January (excluding the President's Day vacation), TrimTabs data show. ( here we go again, relativeley speaking....mein lieblingwort " relativ gesehen.....)

Insider selling was much higher at the end of last year, when the U.S. stock market was steadily climbing to records.

In November and December, net insider selling topped $25 billion. During one day in early December, insiders sold a net $21.25 billion, TrimTabs data show
the ratio back than / so übel sa es im november aus
Insiders sold $8.4 billion in shares last month, ....... Buying was almost $133 million, for a sell-buy ratio of 63.18.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a great stock to short

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Blogger jmf said...


i´m short cfc since a long time.

was way too early.

as usual.....

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great blog btw

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