Wednesday, January 17, 2007

7 Reasons To Sell by Paul Lamont / safe haven

this cartoon from (thanks!) is back from 1999-2000. but i feel its fits just as good in the year 2007. you only need to change b2c to housing fiasco...........

dieser cartoon stammt zwar aus den jahren 1999-2000. ich pers├Ânlich finde das er ganz gut ins jahr 2007 passt. einfach das b2c durch immobilienfiasko austauschen......

Sentiment surveys allow an investor to gauge the emotional enthusiasm of the market. The Daily Sentiment Index from MBH Commodities has been tracking the percentage of bulls and bears for 19 years. In mid-December, this survey recorded its highest long-term bullish reading ever.
We called Jake Bernstein, President of MBH Commodities, to personally confirm these numbers. More traders are bullish towards the S&P 500 (91%) than at the peak of the NASDAQ in 2000 (83%). Remember delusional investors were buying tech "ideas" in 2000. Now there is even more consensus that markets can only go higher (see below). This suggests a major correction.

make sure you read allen 7 points (click on the headline / ├╝berschrift )



Anonymous Anonymous said...

think the link to the 7 points isn't working?

cool post btw

6:04 AM  
Blogger jmf said...

thanks very much.

have fixed the link

7:27 AM  

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