Sunday, January 14, 2007

health care in the us / angry bear and the economist

uhh ohhh. does anybody see a problem here......? looks like the money is not well spend (compare the first chart with the last two charts) and the amount and growth of uninsured is just unbelievable. special thanks to

please make sure you read the link. there are lots of extra graphs and information when you click on the link. please scan the angry bear blog for much more details.

gerade im angesicht der jahrelangen und ständigen diskussion um das gesundheitswesen in deutschalnd kann man nur hoffen das keinerlei anleihen aus den usa übernommen werden. bei und ist sicher ne menge im argen. im vergleich zu dem was in den usa in sachen "nicht versicherter" und dem wachtum dieser gruppe angeht geht es und hier wohl immer noch sehr gut. kann jedem nur raten die links von angry bear zu lesen. auf dem blog finden sich tonnenweise infos und charts.

one reason for the exploding costs is for sure that the main driver of the economy is the health care related sector. make sure you read this brilliant piece from "businessweek"

der hauptgrund für die explodierenden kosten ist das der gesundheitssektor der entscheidende wachstumstreiber der us wirtscahft ist. dazu bitte den link oben nachlesen oder einfach staunend die grafik betrachten.


click on the headline to read the related "the economist" story / bitte auf überschrift klicken um die dazugehörige geschichte des economist zu lesen.



Anonymous Jaswant R Jain said...

Thanks for the map, jan-martin.

In half the states, “HEATH SERVICES JOBS ROSE AND TOTAL JOBS DECLINED,” during the five-year period ending in July 2006. Yes, a wonderful Baby Bush economy. Also, the largest growth in the uninsured under BB. Growing sickness and growing debt with aging population is a recipe for disaster, but don’t tell that to an American blind faithful – “everything always works out well for America.” The next “wonderful” thing for America is collapse of the corrupt system controlled by a Network of Crooks.


5:43 AM  
Blogger jmf said...

hi jas,


the future doesn´t look bright.

i hope that lots of germans read this data,graph,map etc.

we have a big ongoing discussion about our health care system.

fortunately our government is not looking into the us for improvement to our system. they will implement some stuff from our european neighbours.

far from good/perfect. but compared to the us.....

6:01 AM  

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