Sunday, October 15, 2006

centex 2006 eps 9,67 to 2008 estimate 1,18 -87%!

passend zur letzten warnung

centex dot com.......

Bank of America analyst Daniel Oppenheim said he expects Centex to lower its full-year guidance when it reports earnings later this month. The company's current profit forecast for fiscal 2007 is $7 a share. Oppenheim lowered his estimate to $3.90 from $5.75.

For fiscal 2008, Oppenheim expects $1.15.

It's important to remember that no other homebuilder has given 2007 estimates. The consensus analyst prediction for Centex is now $4.13, compared with the $9.46 the company earned in fiscal 2006.

w├╝rde ein 2008 kgv/pe von 45 ergeben!


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