Monday, August 17, 2009

WM 2009 Berlin - World Record 100m - Usain Bolt - 9.58 HQ

Let´s hope he made it without doping.....

Bleibt zu hoffen das diese Leistung auf legalem Wege erzielt worden ist.......

Lightning Bolt Economist
The men's 100 metres record is smashed by the biggest margin in modern times
IT WAS another big occasion and yet another world record for a Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt, on Sunday August 16th. At the athletics World Championships he broke the 100 metres sprint record again, taking his own time down to 9.58 seconds from 9.69 seconds, set a year ago at the Beijing Olympics. This is the most the record has fallen since electronic timing was first used in 1968. In the century or so since official records began a little more than a second has been shaved off the quickest time for the sprint, an improvement of 9%.

10,60Donald Lippincott/USA1912Stockholm
10,20Jesse Owens/USA1936Chicago
10,00Armin Hary/Deutschland1960Zürich
9,95James Hines/USA1968Sacramento
9,92Carl Lewis/USA1988Seoul
9,86Carl Lewis/USA1991Tokio
9,84Donovan Bailey/Kanada1996Atlanta
9,79Maurice Greene/USA1999Athen
9,77Asafa Powell/Jamaika2005Athen
9,74Asafa Powell/Jamaika2007Rieti
9,72Usain Bolt/Jamaika2008New York
9,69Usain Bolt/Jamaika2008Peking
9,58Usain Bolt/Jamaika2009Berlin

H/T Paul Kedrosky
"By the way, Bolt’s start in the final, while good, wasn’t his best at this year’s meet. Consider the following chart, which shows reaction times out of the blocks in the 100m final. Of the 8 sprinters, Bolt was third-slowest, making the outcome even more remarkable."


Usain Bolt Lights Up Berlin for WR in 200m -- 19.19s(!)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doping - Sloterdijk sagt zurecht, wer über die Bezirksliga hinauswill, muß dopen.

8:28 AM  
Blogger jmf said...

Moin Anon,

die Wahrscheinlichkeit das bei solch "historischen" Leistungen etwas nicht ganz sauber ist dürfte "überdurchschnittlich" hoch sein....

11:40 AM  
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