Sunday, August 02, 2009

Full Metal Durable Goods / Budget.......

Thank god they are all worried/serious about the deficit...... Colbert from April sums it up......

Gottseidank sorgen sich ja bekanntlich in den USA alle um das Defizit. Schön zu sehen das bei den Militärausgaben weiter Vollgas gegeben wird...... Colbert vom April trifft mal wieder ins Schwarze.....

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Floyd Norris NYT

The accompanying charts show the trend in durable goods spending, for military purposes and for other shipments of durable goods, from 2000 through this June.

In June, seasonally adjusted shipments for civilian purposes were 19 percent below the average monthly figure for 2000. Shipments of military items were running 123 percent above the 2000 average.

Military vs. Non-Military Durable Goods / Larger Version / Größere Version

The United States remains primarily a civilian economy. The military now takes about 8 percent of all durable goods, up from 3 percent in 2000.

> Calming.....Here is another chart without any further comment......

> Wie beruhigend......Hier ein weiterer Chart der jeden Kommentar überflüssig macht........

YES WE CAN´T...... ;-)

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