Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Sign Of Weakness "Breast Implants" Minyanville

I assume things are not looking good when the motherland of breast implants is witnessing a "drop off" in sales. I´m not sure if this "indicator" has a long history or track record but compared to the quality of other "official" numbers it wouldn´t surprise me if this indicator is a better barometer for things to come ;-)

Die Dinge müssen wirklich nicht zum Besten stehen wenn in dem Mutterland der Implate das Geschäft plötzlich wegbricht. Evtl. sollte sich mal einer die Mühe machen den Zusammenhang zwischen Rezessionen und Implantaten zu ergründen. Eine schlechtere Datenqualität und Aussagekraft als andere "offizielle" Statistiken ist eh kaum möglich.... ;-)

Five Things You Need to Know / Minyanville

Double Entendre Opportunity Mysteriously Escapes
In the latest sign that consumer spending is slowing, the Wall Street Journal reports that plastic surgeons are seeing the hint of a slowdown in demand for breast implants.

  • Breast-implant maker Mentor Corp. (MNT) says its surgeon customers have noticed a drop in patient interest for the implants.
  • Since last November when the Food and Drug Administration approved the return on silicone implants to the cosmetic market after a 14-year partial ban, Mentor's sales have been strong, the Journal said.
  • But the company has detected some disturbing signs at the end of the third quarter. According to Mentor CEO Joshua Levine, some plastic surgeons are seeing a drop-off in patient consultations, which is "usually a little bit of a precursor to lighter surgical calendars maybe 45 to 60 days out."
  • "This whole mortgage credit crisis is making people think twice," Dr. J. Peter Rubin, a Pittsburgh plastic surgeon told the Wall Street Journal.
  • "It's something I've noticed and some colleagues have noticed as well."

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Anonymous shtove said...

Uuuh ... pop goes the bubble?

Surely these figures are being massaged?

What this market needs is some uplift.

1:52 AM  
Blogger jmf said...


1:56 AM  
Anonymous traderboy said...

maybe it's not going to go tits up after all :)

6:20 AM  

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