Wednesday, December 05, 2007

UK Update & BOE Spin

Mid September Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England said this ...

Mitte September Tagen hatte Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England folgendes zu sagen .....

In an unusual public display of discord, the British central bank criticized other central banks yesterday for injecting cash into the financial system to help stabilize credit markets, saying that such a policy amounted to a bailout of investors who made bad decisions.

The main thrust of his written testimony to Parliament, however, was a sharp warning about “moral hazard” — a term used to describe the downside of policies that effectively rescue investors when their bets turn out wrong.

“The provision of such liquidity support undermines the efficient pricing of risk by providing ex-post insurance for risky behavior,” Mr. King wrote. “That encourages excessive risk-taking and sows the seeds of a future crisis.”

Too bad that everything he has said has been proven dead wrong ( in the case of Northern Rock he flip flopped within 48 hours) and he often did the exact opposite of what he was proposing. Welcome to the world of "respectable" central bankers.......Now move on to todays headlines......

Zu dumm nur das er bereist wenige Wochen um im Fall von Northern Rock nach wenigen Tagen in allen Bereichen eingeknickt ist und das oftmals das genaue Gegenteil praktiziert hat. Willkommen im Club der "ehrenwerten" Zentralbänker............ Hier ein weiteres Beispiel Wolfgang Münchau: Entzauberung einer Zentralbank

Is Britain's economy heading for the perfect storm?

UK's Northern Rock could be nationalized: report

U.K. House Prices Fall the Most Since December 2006, HBOS Says

U.K. Consumer Confidence Falls Most Since 2004

Lenders 'must prepare for worst'

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They aren't concerned about the "moral hazard", they are the moral hazard. It is the public appearance of impropriety they are worried about. Airing dirty linen not good for them.

7:34 AM  
Blogger ukhousingbubble said...

Check this story out:

Revealed: how UK banks exploit charity tax laws .

UK Banks have been using "charitable status" to offload mortgage debt from their balance sheets. Moreover, the amounts are huge.

Where is the outrage?

UK Housing Bubble .

8:00 AM  
Blogger jmf said...

Moin Edgar & Alice,

i must admit that i even i never have thought that things are so rotten....

From the link....

Last week it emerged that Northern Rock had raised £71bn through a Jersey-registered trust called Granite, which issued a prospectus that told potential investors: "Any profits ... will be paid for the benefit of the Down's Syndrome North East Association (UK) and for other charitable purposes."

Down's Syndrome North East, a small charity run by volunteers from a semi-detached house on the outskirts of Newcastle, was told nothing about this and did not receive any money. During the period that Northern Rock was using its name to raise billions of pounds, volunteers were raising a few hundred pounds through sponsored slimming and cycling tours, and primary school children donating similarly small sums.

"Where is the outrage?"


On top of this they will get the demanded cut from the BOE tomorrow .....

And we can listen to Trichet how he explains that the inflation expectations are well anchored...

8:19 AM  

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