Thursday, October 04, 2007

Housing: That Sinking Feeling / Business Week Cover Story

After Bonfire Of The Builders Mara de Hovanesian from Business Week has put up another excellent cover story. And this comment from Mike Morgan is one more reason to read the entire story Housing: That Sinking Feeling . This from Bloomberg Homebuilders Liquidate Assets as Threat to Survival Spurs Sales is also wort a look.

Nach der Titelgeschichte Bonfire Of The Builders hat Mara de Hovanesian eine weitere extrem gute Titelgeschichte zum Thema Immobilien und Homebuilder herausgebracht. Ein Grund mehr die komplette Geschichte Housing: That Sinking Feeling zu lesen ist das der von mir sehr geschätzte Mike Morgan voll des Lobes für Mara ist. Dieser Link von Bloomberg Homebuilders Liquidate Assets as Threat to Survival Spurs Sales ist ebenfalls zumindest einen Blick wert

"If you want information that is relevant, insightful and accurate, follow Mara Der Hovanesian in Business Week." Mike Morgan

Housing: That Sinking Feeling

Homeowners are getting slammed as builders slash prices. The big question: Will this shock treatment help hasten the end of the painful downturn....

Builders' balance sheets needed a boost, too. Even though the five-largest publicly held residential builders have cut the value of their land and unsold homes from $49.7 billion in 2006 to $41.9 billion today, that inventory as a percentage of sales has soared 33% during the past year, according to Banc of America Securities (BAC ). Those idle assets have taken a toll on the industry's health. A year ago builders' debt payments were roughly the same as their cash flow. Now debt is 2.5 times cash flow. ....

Driving along interstate 215 west of McCarran International Airport, it's easy to forget that Vegas' lifeblood is gambling and not homebuilding.

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