Thursday, July 05, 2007

Number Of The Day.....Percentage Of CCC Debt

I´ve singled out this from the excellent piece ( click headline) about the mania that is going on right now in the debt market. The report shows also that the first cracks are also obvious. i suggest to read the entire piece.

Ich habe mir aus dem auch ansonsten wunderbaren Bericht (Überschrift klicken) über den Irrsinn am Kreditmarkt mal den folgenden Absatz herausgepickt. Zudem zeigt der Report das die ersten Probleme inzwischen nicht mehr zu übersehen sind. Ich kann jdem empfehlen den kompletten Bericht zu lesen.

More securities than ever have the lowest rankings, with CCC ratings assigned to 26.5 percent of the new debt, according to New York-based Fitch Ratings. That compares with 15 percent in 2006 for debt that Fitch says has a ``high default risk.''

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Blogger jmf said...

Bloomberg has some difficulties.

Could well be that the link isnt´t working all the time.

1:17 AM  
Anonymous edgar said...

Praise Buddha for TIAA-CREF!! They need to bust some grifter ballz. Go peddle that crap somewhere's else you damn IPO junk bond selling slimy slugs!

The pension funds need to get downright medieval on the rip off artists. Gut the bastidges! They should form an alliance, do split second trading, stock price fixing, bribing of public officials, like the money maggots do. Buy some banks and loan each other money at 0.01%. Lie cheat and steal like the Enrons and Worldcoms and subslime lenders, and home builders and quit being the damn mark all the time. Eddie Murphy in Trading Places: "We gotta kill the money grabbers, we gotta kill 'em!" [/rant]

9:22 AM  
Anonymous edgar said...

Oh yeah, they should buy up controlling interest in companies, fire the CEO, the COO, and the board, and anyone else who made a million dollars or more the previous year and install their own company leadership, who will answer to them, not rip them off with stock options and leveraged stock buy backs. Let's kick some butt. Until they do they are cowards and eunuchs.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous edgar said...

Stay liquid, don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes. Pennies on the dollar, quit paying top dollar for everything. This pension fund situation really gets me RILED UP!! Most pension funds are run by either corrupt mofos or in competent nincompoops, or both. Then you have the CEOs who just out and out steal pension fund money with impunity. It is time to start buying some influence. That's how the game is played.

9:30 AM  

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