Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Banca Italease Derivate Slump Continues

this is a follow up on the story

"Italease Slumps as Clients May Lose EU400 Million" http://tinyurl.com/yomfos .

hier eine nachbetrachtung der o.g. schieflage im derivategeschäft

Resignation of the Chief Executive Officer Massimo Faenza
Banca Italease's Chairman Lucio Rondelli renders notice that he has today received a letter from Massimo Faenza with which Mr. Faenza has relinquished irrevocably and with immediate effect all of his operational responsibilities and has resigned as a director of the Bank.

the stuck slumped another 15% yesterday...... and still no downgrade from fitch or moody´s from the already weakest possible a rating...

gestern weitere 15% abschlag......und immer noch keine abstufung der ratingagenturen des bereits jetzt niedrigsten a ratings....

to be continued..... :-)

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