Thursday, March 08, 2007

beige book vs d.r.horton

housing was mentioned in 7 of 12 regions as soft, slump, deceleration, dipping, weak, mixed, steadied....

scheint so als wenn fast fllächendeckend der immobilienmarkt zum problem geworden ist. die umschreibungen reichen von leicht bis rapide.....

here is another quote from the d.r. horton ceo tomnitz (biggest us builder)
I think from our perspective clearly it’s a little early to be talking about M&A largely because of one good reason, as I said earlier the reason your going to buy another builder is primarily for their land and lot positions… and as we work through 07 and I’ve clearly said,… I don’t want to be too sophisticated here… but 07 is gonna suck. All twelve months of the calendar year.

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