Thursday, January 18, 2007

foreign direct investment / economist

Inflows of foreign direct investment rose for the third year running, increasing by 34% in 2006 to reach $1.2 trillion. The United States was the most popular destination, attracting $177 billion. Investments into China dropped a little, but remained high, at $70 billion.

i wanted to add something marc faber mentioned. i think he points correctly to the ratio of population and the $ amount. / hier noch was von mark faber. er weist zurecht daraif hin das man die fdi im verhältnis zur einwohnerzahl sehen sollte.

he singles out the foreign direct investment number from vietnam. he said that almost $7 billion were invested in the last year. he points out that when you compare this number to the population of around 70 mio it outpaces by far every other country in the region (india withn over 1 billion people just received a little bit more)

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Have a look at this online tool on Foreign Direct Investment statistical data with foreign companies, international trade and tariffs by International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO.

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