Thursday, December 14, 2006

"gold etf"

what is the most telling from the chart is that despite the slump in mai from 725$ to 540$ or almost 25% the real demand (not the momentumplayers who were forced to liquidate their positions) that wants physical assets as insurance/protection etc. have bought more.
am beeindruckensten finde ich das obwohl der goldpreis im mai von 725$ auf 540% oder fast 25% zurückgegenagen ist der etf stetig weiter gewachsen ist. zeigt auch das hinter der downbewegung hauptsächlich momentumspieler und keine "echten" goldinvestoren stehen.

full piece and thanks to "Gold Forecaster - Global Watchby Julian D. W. Phillips"
The tonnage held in all the W.G.C. sponsored gold Exchange Traded Funds and the Comex Gold Trust is now at 599.34 tonnes


disclosure: long gold, long golbbugs

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