Thursday, December 14, 2006

"capitalism, china´s way / economist"

very oldfashioned. looks like lots of business for the investmentbanks for years to come. one thing is for sure. they will always find a "creative" or "innovative" way to make financing possible........
noch ziemlich altmodisch. betonung liegt auf noch.... da liegt ne menge geschäft auf sicht von jahren für die investmentbanken auf der straße. und ein ist ziemlich sicher. die haben bisher immer wege gefunden finanzmittel zu verfügung zu stellen........
........ By the end of 2006, ... a record 21% of funding for Chinese companies will have come through the country's share and debt markets (the banks themselves have been the biggest share issuers). As the chart shows, funding from outside the banking system will have grown sixfold since 2002, to 806 billion yuan ($103 billion).

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