Sunday, November 26, 2006

private equity and hotelinvestments

more proof that private equity rules all kind of assetmarkets. for now...........

ein beleg mehr das private equity die treibende kraft in fast jeder anlageklasse ist. noch.....


aus der financial times (german)

i try to translate the highlights from the financial times article: graph shows the main points

in the last 2 years private equity (who else, have heard this before...) have discovered the market for hotelproperties. gb, france and italy are the main targets.

in the first 6 month of 2006 hotelproperties with a value of 12.2 b$ changed hands. this is on top of the 2005 record with 21.5 b$. for the whole year 2006 a new record with 26.2 b$ is expected.

the main portion of the sales comes from portfoliosales and only a smaller fraction from single deals.

55% of the portfolio deals were made in gb, mainly london.

the crossborderdeals are increasing. in 2002 the domestic buyers acounted for 76% of the deals. in the first half 2006 they acounted only for 39%.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Los Angeles private equity firms borrow new money into existence in order to take these companies private. They inflate the money supply and syphon off huge sums as personal compensation. All the while, the cost of everything goes up as the value of a dollar goes down.

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