Tuesday, August 22, 2006

35 m2 in kalifornien für 685.000$

da bilder oft wirksamer asl tausend worte sind hier ein "schnäppchen" aus marin, kalifornien
dank geht an marinite


beschreibung makler:

1 bedroom, 1 bath plus storage/guest house. Early stinson beach cottage. Affectionately called the mouse hole fixer upper in desireable beach area. Conventional septic system

kommentar von marinite:

Quick! Run, don't walk! This is your one and only opportunity to buy the Stinson Beach "mouse hole". What are you waiting for? What, it's a POS you say? Are you nuts? This is Marin, MARIN! Everyone, ev-re-one wants to live here. So what if it's a 1 br 1 ba, 374 sq ft (ca. 35 m2) cottage (built 1934) on the verge of falling over asking $685,000 ($1832/sq ft)? In Marin, the house doesn't matter; no one buys for the house. Besides, living in a small place is so chic now don't ya know.



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