Monday, July 31, 2006

alptraum für eigentümer

habe gerade einen bericht zu pulte (phm) gefunden der sicher auch auf andere builder zutrifft.

hier beschweren sich käufer von pulte häusern das in einem neuen baugebiet überwiegend investoren und kaum leute gekauft haben die dort auch selber wohnen wollen.

folgerichtig wird ein großer teil an sozial schwächere vermietet und verwandeln die angepriesene "high quality" (pulte worte) baugebiete wohl in bessere ghettos. klar das die käufer die im schnitt deutlich über 550.000$ gezahlt haben ziemlich aufgebracht sind.

Current Conditions

Because of the disastrous sales mismanagement fiasco, we (the few owner-occupied homeowners) live in a brand new community that has turned upside down over night into an unsafe, unkempt, and devaluing environment. We have experienced multiple home break-ins, constant graffiti, drug houses, neglected homes with burned up lawns, excess trash flowing through the streets and gutters, multiple-family residences, and unsupervised children wandering the streets leading to police interventions at all hours of the day and night. These problems are due to the large portion of homes sold to investors that are now the Section 8 rentals (ähnlich unserer sozialwohnungen) that have over-run the neighborhood. The local law enforcement refers to the Ridgemont Heights Development as, “The Projects.” We have a horrible reputation among our community that is directly hurting our resale value considerably. We now reside in these new Pulte homes surrounded by renters wondering what we got ourselves into. Pulte, how could you do this to us homeowners whom trusted your name?



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