Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Goldman:Aug level 3 asset value $72.05B, 7% of total

Add the level 2 component and you have well over 50% of assets that are "not transparent"..... If you want to read more on this issue read Level 3 " Mark-To-Make-Believe Gains" & Level 2 "Mark-To-Model" or surf the labels....

Wenn man jetzt noch die Level 2 Bestandteile addiert kommt man auf satte 50% plus X der Vermögenswerte die nicht transparent nachvollzogen werden können. Mehr zu diesem Thema Level 3 " Mark-To-Make-Believe Gains" & Level 2 "Mark-To-Model" sowie unter den Labeln

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via Marketwatch Goldman:Aug level 3 asset value $72.05B, 7% of total
...the size of its level 3 assets at the end of third quarter increased to $72.05 billion from $54 billion at the end of the second quarter.

Goldman Sachs said level 2 assets at the end of third quarter amounted to $494.6 billion. There may be some market activity for level 2 assets but the valuations often depend on internal models

Goldman Sachs disclosed that the net unrealized gain on level 3 derivative contracts amounted to $2.62 billion in the third quarter, saying the gains resulted from changes in level 2 reclassification as opposed to level 3 changes

In connection with its lending activities, the firm had outstanding commitments to extend credit of $135.53 billion as of August, compared with $100.48 billion at Nov. 30 fiscal yearend

> Goldman is up 45 per cent since its low on August 15th.......... I´ll stay with gold and the miners......

> Seit dem Tief vom 15.08. hat Goldman u.a. dank dieser Bilanzierung mal eben 45% zugelegt........ Ich für meinen Teil bleibe lieber beim Gold und den dazugehörigen Minen......

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Blogger jmf said...

The Goldman rollercoaster / FT

Goldman Sachs on Wednesday offered a look at just how volatile markets were in the third quarter, disclosing that it lost more than $100m on six trading days but earned more than $100m on 23 days. Overall, Goldman said it lost money trading on 18 days in the quarter, nearly double the number of days in the second quarter when it fell into the red on 10 occasions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

GS will outperform all stocks in the next 10 years

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