Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Signs of a Market Top :-) / kass

as someone who is also bearish on the overall market i can feel with doug...... sometimes you really need humor to deal with the market.

als jemand der auch eher skeptisch eingestellt ist kann ich mit ihm fühlen.... man benötigt schon ne gute dosis humor um mit diesem markt umzugehen

.......7. I have been called almost daily by Bloomberg TV and CNBC to represent the bear case. The segment bookers have explained to me that there are no bears left to interview.

6. After lecturing in his graduate school business class at Yale University in January, even permabear Dr. Robert Shiller told me I am too bearish on housing.

5. When I request to borrow stocks (to short) from my prime broker, Bank of America
, I have begun to hope the borrow will be denied.

4. I get irate when I listen to the bullish (and seemingly glib) case for equities made daily in the media. (Worse yet, the bulls are starting to make sense to me.)

3. I have finally run out of cheap tequila in my bar, which I drink most evenings on the cold linoleum floor, so in order to reduce my level of anxiety, I have doubled my daily Zoloft intake.

2. My 14-year-old niece, Natalie, asked me at my birthday party last Sunday: "Uncle Dougie, why don't you ever buy stocks; it's dumb not to, isn't it?"

1. Last week I ordered three "Mad Money" Jim Cramer talking bobble heads from NBC's Universal Store online, but they couldn't be sent out, as they have been backordered for three months.

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my personal sign of a market top would be if i start to watch cnbc again and listen to guys like cramer, battipaglia, etc.........i´ll let you know.......

mein persönliches zeichen für ein top ist wenn ich wieder anfange cnbc zu sehen und auf leute wie cramer, battipaglia etc höre. ( vergleichbar mit den bei uns bekannten förtsch, aktionär, frick ntv etc)......ich werde bescheid sagen........

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