Friday, February 23, 2007

health care costs and the inflation basket rocks!

In the first chart below, we highlight the percentage of GDP contributed by personal spending of durable goods, non durable goods and services on a yearly basis. Breaking up the services category, we see that medical costs continue to make up a greater portion of GDP.

mhhh, so medical costs are soaring. i know that this is not quite comparing apples to apples but the disconnect is obvious. look how this has effected the "inflation basket" .................

der gesundheitssektor und die kosten stiegen stetig. versteht sich von selbst das dies keinerlei auswirkungen auf den inflationskorb hat........

Expenditure category
Food and beverages 15.7
Housing 40.9
Apparel 4.4
Transportation 17.1

Medical care 5.8
Recreation 6.0
Education/communication 5.8
Other goods & services 4.3
Total, all items 100.0

and when you have read this excellent piece from busineww week you know that the health care complex has to grow to support the us economy.

und jeder der das meisterwerk von business week gelesen hat wird übereinstimmen das dieser bereich zukünfztig der einzige richtige wachstumstreiber der usa sein wird.

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