Friday, September 28, 2007

Rant Of The Week.... Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan is probably one of the best housing experts out there and was spot on since i followed him almost 2 years ago via Mish. Take Morgan vs Cramer as one of many example how consistent he was all the time long in times other "professionals" were still drinking the Kool-Aid. It is almost impossible to highlight something out of his posts. So i suggest to read the entire report starting with the quote of the week ”Florida’s going to have a sonic boom when this happens.” Governor Crist commenting on the real estate boom coming to Florida .

Mike Morgan ist wahrscheinlich einer des besten oder gar der beste Experte in Sachen US Immobilien. Seit ich die ersten Artikel von ihm vor 2 Jahren via Mish gelesen habe liegt seine Trefferquote nahe 100%. Beispielhaft für etliche seiner Aussagen steht Morgan vs Cramer als immer noch etliche "Profis" nicht erkennen wollten was tatsächlich Sache ist. Da es fast unmöglich ist besondere Highligts aus diesem Posts herauszufiltern empfehle ich den kompletten Link ”Florida’s going to have a sonic boom when this happens.” Governor Crist commenting on the real estate boom coming to Florida zu geniessen.

> When i think of housing several other "species" are popping up that could easily qualify for the list..... :-)

> Im Zusammenhang mit dem Immobilienmarkt fallen mir spontan noch etliche "Exemplare" ein die sich ebenfall für diese Liste qualifizieren würden ..... :-)

There is no better source from ground zero than the updates from Mike Morgan. Make sure you don´t miss the latest one...

Da es generell keine besseren Updates als von Mike Morgan gibt sollte man auch die neuesten Posts mit Interesse verfolgen

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Blogger jmf said...

Profit Growth in U.S. May Hit Five-Year Low on Housing Slump

Profit in the U.S. may grow at the slowest rate in more than five years this quarter as the housing slump hurts results at companies from IndyMac Bancorp Inc. to Target Corp.

Earnings of Standard & Poor's 500 Index members may rise an average of 3.2 percent from a year earlier, breaking a 20- quarter streak of gains exceeding 10 percent, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

So-called short sellers increased their bets against homebuilders, home improvement retailers and mortgage real estate investment trusts in each of the past four months. The number of borrowed shares traded with the expectation of paying for them at a lower price in the future grew by 21 percent, 34 percent and 17 percent, respectively.

Short interest for the broader group of consumer discretionary companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange increased 2.7 percent in the last month.

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