Wednesday, April 04, 2007

small victory for the "kung fu master" :-)

this is a follow up on this post. if you have not seen it yet make sure you see the video.

dieses ist ne nachbetrachtung dieser geschichte. wer die noch nicht kennt unbedingt das video ansehen.

"kung fu master" resistance in china :-)

the house in gone now. / das haus ist weg

Wu Ping, a kung-fu teacher, and his restaurateur wife Yang Wu had rejected compensation offers and instead demanded five million yuan (£327,000) and a house of the same size, height and exposure as their old one. Such a payment would represent a small fortune in China.

In the end, they packed up their belongings and shuffled away from their two-storey brick home after finally accepting the offer of a new home the same size as their old one. Moments later, with merciless accuracy, an excavator scaled the parapet on which the house stood and began to knock it down, the Xinhua news agency reported

thanks to regli

here more from the economist

After more than two years of wrangling, an agreement was reached this week, giving the couple property and cash worth more in total than their old house.

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