Saturday, April 14, 2007

“Sunday, bloody Sunday” featuring Georg W. Bush

dank an !

Metallica " sad but true "

U2 "sunday bloody sunday - live at red rocks"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Germans Have Won the WW III!

Thanks, Kevin, for the link and the article.

First, few very important historical details are in order.

Germans led the Northern Europe into the later domination of global trade via the Hanseatic League (HL). The Dutch and the English came later to the party and learned greatly from the HL. London became prominent commercial center because it was chosen as an HL town in England where trades were carried out and settled. In late 16th Century the Germans were kicked out of London but they left the skills and infrastructure in place. 1200 years prior, Germans had learned the military skills from the Romans and kicked Roman rulers out from Rome.

The primary driving force for the WW I was the fight for global trade and who should dominate it (Brits were dominating but Germans were better at production as well as trade). Germans wanted to create a large customs union (“free” trade zone) on the continent dominated by German businesses and challenge the British domination elsewhere. More money and more manpower decided both WWs in Anglo-American favor. Person for person and dollar for dollar (or mark for mark) Germans were superior according to the leading British historians. Looks like the German superiority in efficiency and trade has shown up once again (it was severely dragged down by East Germany for some 15 years).

I have maintained for a long time that the real WW III would be purely economic in nature and anything else that leads to wars later would be a result of economic defeat of the US. I think that China becoming #1 exporter in a short while and Germany being the #1 for quite some time shows how the tables are slowly but surely being turned on Americans. This time the Germans have a better ally – China and India – with lot of manpower to win the economic wars against Anglo-Americans.

No, it doesn’t make me happy, but we must face the facts as they are and as they are likely to be.



Globalization-US Less Important?

"There's no better proof that our products are superior than to have
an indirect price increase of 30 percent without losing any sales,"
said Alexander von Witzleben, the self-confident chief of Jenoptik.

Germany's transformation from Europe's sick man to its most stalwart
performer is by now well entrenched. So sanguine are German executives
about their future that many brush aside fears that a slowdown in the
United States could knock their export-led recovery off track.

The American consumer may still be the main engine that drives the
global economy, but Germany's advance — it has been the world's
largest exporter of goods for the last four years — is propelled by
other sources. It is one more sign that the rest of the world does not
depend as much on the American economy as it once did.

Mr. von Witzleben said that Germany now exports more to Russia and the
former Soviet satellites than it does to the United States. It ships
nearly as much to Britain as to America, and its total exports within
Europe are five times its shipments to the United States.

"Germany is projecting itself into the global economy, using its
historic strengths of good quality and strong brands," said Nicolas
Sobczak, senior European economist at Goldman Sachs in Paris. "The
simple fact that the German labor market is turning, that you have
genuine job creation, shows that this is a genuine German renaissance,
one that is independent of the U.S.," he continued.

The numbers tell the story. Unemployment is dropping rapidly — at 9.8
percent, it has fallen below double-digits for the first time since
2002 — while investor confidence is soaring. An increase in the
value-added tax in January, which economists once warned would torpedo
the recovery, caused scarcely a ripple.

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