Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dow inflation adjusted plus Dow vs gold

the story never been told on cnbc etc......

die geschichte die fast immer unerwähnt bleibt......

For some long-term perspective, today's chart illustrates the Dow adjusted for inflation since 1925. There are several points of interest. For one, when adjusted for inflation, the bear market that concluded in the early 1980s was almost as severe as the one that concluded in the early 1930s. It is also interesting to note that the inflation-adjusted Dow is now a touch less than three times higher than where was in 1929 and a little over double where it was in 1965. Not that spectacular of a performance considering the time frames involved. However, the magnitude of the bull market of 1982 to 1999 (even when adjusted for inflation) was truly of historic proportions. While the Dow has recently made new record highs on a non-inflation-adjusted basis, today's chart does illustrate that on an inflation-adjusted basis the Dow still trades below (albeit slightly) its 1999 peak.

>now the story dow vs gold and the picture is even clearer.......

> nun das ganze in gold und man bekommt ein noch deutlicheres bild......

disclosure: long golg, goldbugs/hui

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